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License certificate 



(a) Develop the mining area in accordance with the approved programme of

mining operations;

(b) Execute the environmental management plan;

(c) Implement the local business development programme;

(d) Employ and train Zambians in accordance with the approved program;

(e) Demarcate the mining area and keep it demarcated;

(f) Pay mineral royalty in accordance with the Mines and Minerals Development

Act, 2008 and the Income Tax Act, Cap. 323;

(g) Maintain at the holder's office complete and accurate technical and financial

Records of the mining operations;

(h) Permit authorised officers, at any time, to inspect all records, mining and

mineral processing operations;

(i) Submit statutory reports and any other information concerning the mining or

mineral processing operations;

U) Submit a copy of the annual audited financial statements within three months

of the end of each financial year;

(k) Submit reports on external supplies of ore, concentrates, tailings, slimes or

any other mineral fed to the plant;

(I) Provide current information on recovery from ores, mineral products,

production costs and sales;

(m) Conduct operations only upon meeting the requirements of the Environmental

Protection and Pollution Control Act, Cap. 204 and upon obtaining an annual

operating permit under the Mines and Minerals Development Act, 2008;

(n) Contribute to the Environmental Protection Fund as required under the Mines

and Minerals Development Act, 2008;

(o) Obtain appropriate insurance for all phases of the mining operations;

(p) Give preference to Zambia products and services;

(q) Submit a Pegging Certificate for approval within three months of grant of

licence; and

(r) Comply with the provisions of the Mines and Minerals Development Act, 2008

and other relevant laws of Zambia.


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No illegal mining and trade is permitted in the licensed area


The holder shall not enter into agreements or transfer of the licence without the prior

consent of the Minister


The holder shall be liable for any harm or damage caused by mining or mineral

processing operations and shall compensate any person to whom harm or damage is



The holder shall not exercise any rights under the licence without prior consent of

legal occupiers of land or local chiefs.


A condition requiring the holder to apply for a renewal of his licence not later than

365 days (1 year) before expiry of his/her licence and to comply with the

abandonment procedures and requirements of his/her area in terms of Section 24 of

the Mines and Minerals Development Act, 2008.


A condition requiring the holder to pay Area Charges on the grant of the Licence and

thereafter annually on the anniversary thereof until the termination of the licence in

terms of Section 143 of the Mines and Minerals Development Act, 2008.