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Proposed Limestone Processing Plant in Senior Chief Chiwala's Area in Masaiti

District by Neekanth Lime Zambia Limited




Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited


Name: Mr. Girish Ayar

Tel No.: 0212 613336

Fax No.: 0212 613336

Designation: Director

Cell No.: +260 978 821 821


The proposed project site is located in Chief Chiwala's Area in Masaiti Distrrdt,

with Zambezi Portland Cement to the south, and Ndola Lime Company Limited to

the west. To the north Is Handyman's Paradise exploration area while to the east

is land that has been offered to Dangote Cement. The site is about 12 Kilometres

from the Ndola - Kaplrl Mposhi Road and about 20 kilometres southeast of the

Ndola Central Business District.


Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited has Its registered office located in Ndola. The

company has its operation zone in Senior Chief Chiwala's Area in Masaiti District.

The Company has been given about 150 hectares of land in Senior Chief Cbiwate

area and has since obtained Surface Rights and Mining Rights specifically to mine

and process limestone. Initially, the project will start with 17 kilns. When fully

operational, the lime plant will have a total of 34 vertical brick kilns each having

a capacity of 15 tons per day.

 The source of raw limestone feedstock for the lime plant will be from the on-sftfi

quarrying and when excess is needed it will be bought from existing quarry

operations within the area.

The proposed Lime production plant complex will consist of the following main

components: -

• Limestone quarry

• 34 Brick Kilns

• A loading ramp

• Mill house

• Warehouse

• Small workshop

• Weigh Bridge

• Crusher plant

Limestone will be brought in from the quarry in IS ton tipper trucks and off

loaded at the yard. Prior to loading these aggregate stones at the Quarry the

stones will have been reduced to 34 inch si2e. Initially there will be a layer of fire

wood which will be used as igniters for the kiln. This will be done once m five

years when the inner layer of bricks will be replaced.

The limestone will then be loaded in batches of 15 tonnes on top on the first

layer after which the fuel (Pet Coke) will be laid on top of the limestone.

The Kiln is then ignited using firewood to start the process. The fire calcines the

limestone immediately above it and ignites the pet coke at the other layer.

Calcination is basically the breaking down of limestone into Calcium Oxide and

Carbon Dioxide, in a reaction which takes place at a temperature of about 898°C.


3.1 The Project is approved subject to the following conditions:

3.1.1 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall implement the project and all the

environmental management commitments as proposed in the Environmental

Impact Statement (EIS) with changes as proposed by the Zambia

Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) in this Decision Letter and any

other conditions that may be issued thereafter.

3.1.2 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall develop a mining code of practice in

consultation with the Mines Safety Department that will be adhered to by any

contractor that will be engaged.

3.1.3 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall employ the Best Available Technology Not

Entailing Excessive Costs (BATNEEC) for the installation of the proposed

processing plants so as to cause minimal pollution to the environment.

3.1.4 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall limit project activities to 116 hectares. In

event that Neelkanth Zambia Limited decides to extend the project, Neetkanth

Lime Zambia Limited shall inform ZEMA

3.1.5 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall initially construct 17 kilns for the

proposed project. Thereafter, Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall seek the

approval of ZEMA prior to constructing the remaining 17 kilns.

3.1.6 Blasting shall be conducted in a manner that shall not cause significant

disturbance to nearby communities.

3.1.7 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall maintain vibration and noise levels within

acceptable levels throughout the project cycle, and shall frequently monitor

vibration and noise levels around the project site especially in nearby


3.1.8 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall employ effective dust suppression

techniques in all areas of operation throughout the project cycle.

3.1.9 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall maintain the speed limit in all access

roads that shall not endanger life or cause dust.

3.1.10 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall conduct construction activities in such a

way as not to cause soil erosion which can lead to sedimentatron o! nearby

Kasamba and Kabundi Streams.

3.1.11 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall adequately consult with the affected

people before implementing the project. This consultative process shall be

ongoing throughout the project cycle.

3.1.12 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall fully resettle and adequately compensate

all the affected households, agncultural held owners, vegetable garden owners

and any other issues that may arise during the course of the project The

compensation shall be implemented in consultation with foe Ministry of

Agriculture and Cooperatives and the Ministry of Community Development and

Social Welfare.

3.1.13 The site where the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) will be executed shall be

authorized by the appropriate authority and shall be far enough from foe

proposed project site so that the community is not disturbed by project


3.1.14 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall conduct a detailed survey of foe affected

area within the proposed project site and foe relocation site to ensure that

there are no conflicts of interest and that no private land is encroached by the

resettlement exercise.

3.1.15 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall conduct progressive rehabilitation and

revegtation of quarry site, plant area and any other disturbed areas throughout

the project cycle.

3.1.16 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall progressively carry out re-vegetation of

the cleared surfaces during the project life-cycle to produce a sustainable

vegetation cover, improve visual aesthetics and minimize post closure re-

vegetation requirements.

3.1.17 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall not conduct open air burning at any given

time throughout the project cycle.

3.1.18 Firefighting equipment shall be placed where it can be easily accessed and ft

shall always be kept in good working conditions. Reflective material shall be

used to facilitate visibility at night.



3.1.19 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall provide all workers with personal

protective equipment and all workers shall undergo annual medical checkups

3.1.20 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall provide all workers with appropriate

firefighting equipment and train all workers in firefighting and id occupational

health and safety:

3.1.21 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall prepare an emergency preparedness and

response plan before project implementation for verification by the Zambia

Environmental Management Agency.

3.1.22 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall obtain permits from Zambia

Environmental Management Agency and comply in full with the following

regulations throughout the project cycle:

a) The Air Pollution Control (Licensing and Emission Standards)

Regulations, 1996.

b) Waste Management Regulations, SI No.71 of 1993;

c) Water Pollution Control Regulations, SI No. 72 of 1993,

d) Hazardous waste Management Regulations, SI No. 125 of 2001;


e) The Pesticides and Toxic Substances Regulations, 1994.

3.1.23 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall undertake an environmental audit of the

project within a period of not less than twelve months and not more than

thirty six months after completion of the project or commencement of its

operations, whichever shall come first.

3.1.24 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall prepare a closure report outlining

implementation of all the environmental management commitments presented

in the EIS at the end of the project for verification by the Zambia

Environmental Management Agency.

3.2 The Agency advises Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited:

3.2.1 To obtain any other relevant authorizations such as but not limited to:

a) The Workers Compensation Act;

b) The Public Health Act;

c) The Town and Country Planning Act;

d) The Water Resources Management Act;

e) National Heritage Conservation Act;

f) The Mines and Minerals Development Act, and

g) The Employment Act.

3.2.2 To make available information on safety, health and environment to employees

before commencement of the project.

3.3 Neelkanth Lime Zambia Limited shall comply with environmental standards

and/or specific limits of particular pollutants as its responsibility. Thus,

compliance with Zambia Environmental Management Agency recommended

measures does not exempt the developer horn its responsibility if such

measures do not achieve compliance with environmental control standards.