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To further promote local economic development the Ruida lnvestments Ltd will evaluate and

opportunities for each contract including the possibility of cooperation

between local and foreign manufacturers. ln addition, the Company will publish and distribute

information explaining procedures on how to tender for and conduct business with the

assess local business


the individuals concerned to establish their own commercial

enterprises will assist the local communities. The Company recognises that a thriving

Encouraging and assisting


community is vital to the well-being of the mining operation and will therefore give preference

to local suppliers of services provided quality and cost objectives are met. Where contractors

from outside of the immediate environs of the mine are engaged they will be encouraged to

employ members of the local communities where possible.

This will form part of the selection criteria for engagement of such service providers.

The Company does not wish to prescribe areas of business opportunities in which local

residents may be interested however, there are a number of areas in which the Company may

be able to actively create opportunities so as to concentrate on the core business of mining as

much as possible. These may include:


Light vehicle maintenance. The maintenance of the Company's vehicles is an area which

could be sub-contracted. provided quality and cost objectives are met. lt is also an area

where there is a large client base outside the Company.

Property Maintenance. There are many areas relating to property maintenance that

Iend themselves to subcontract by suitably qualified people or businesses. These include:

painting (internal, external and roofs), plastering and bricklaying, plumbing, electricat

work, garden services, etc. Potential customers for these services could also include:

house owners, absentee landlords, businesses and municipalities, as well as sociai and

sporting clubs.



Bussing and Taxi Services. Small vehicles are possibly in the price range of certain people

within and around the Project Area. This service has a relatively low entry threshold, but

critically requires the highest possible standards of operating and maintenance.

Workshop Services. There are existing engineering and fabricating enterprises in the

region. lf possible, these will be encouraged to develop expertise in services and

techniques the mining industry requires.



rthe r assistance to


ntrep ren

e u rs

There are a number of external factors that could limit the successful implementation of the

Local Business Development Programme, these include:

to capital. The Company may offer to improve individual access to capital

from third party financial institutions.

Lack of access

Lack of working capital. Certain candidates for the Local Business Development

Programme may have difficulties with sufficient working capital. ln cases where the

Company deems it prudent, the Company will assist in the supply of work-in-progress

stocks and possibly abbreviated payment terms.


Recognition. Wherever a candidate for the Local Business Development

Programme or their company is able to provide a competitive service (ln terms of price,

quality, quantity, professionalism and service) the Company will, all other things being


equal, have a policy to support such an enterprise.


The Company will designate a nominee to be the responsible person to facilitate the

success of the Local Business Development Programme and to liaise with government

officials on the progress made in the implementation of the Local Business Development