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´╗┐Appendix No.5

Proposals for employment and training of citizens of Zambia

Reference: Executive Summary: Environmental Impact Assessment Report for South East

Ore Body Mining Project, July 2011: By Moka Environmental and Geotechnical Consultants


At construction, the South East Ore Body project is expected to employ 500 to 1000 Zambians

and at full production the project is expected to employ 5000 Zambians.


One of the benefits of the SEOB project to the local people is the acquisition of skills in mining

and mineral processing for the Zambian citizens who will be employed at the mine. Additionally

NFCA has a Training School registered with TEVETA to offer training up to craft certificate level

for the various skills required by the mine. Training is scheduled to commence in 2012.

NFCA has sponsored a number of employees for studies at various institutions of higher

learning such as the University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University etc